About Your Home Inspector

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My name is Andre Straubhaar , Certified Professional Home Inspector of Realty Inspection Services LLC. I have always believed that a thorough home inspection, a detailed inspection report, and good customer service were not an "add on", but have always viewed them as the standard on which to build a good reputation on. I have spent years working hard to be the most qualified home inspector possible. The home inspection process itself is also very important to me, as it is not just a home inspection, but also a guided tour with you on one of the biggest purchases that most of us make in life. Since we will be on site together as much as possible. we will look at all the issues found together, providing you with guidance on how to deal with them, and teach you how to operate your new home.

My mission is to leave you with a full understanding of the issues you may be faced with, how to deal with them, and the knowledge to be a successful homeowner avoiding unnecessary costs down the road.